Dental Support Service Investigation


To all dental support employees and/or affiliate dental office staff (including dentists) working with or in a Dental Service Management Organization:

We are investigating potential class action lawsuits against dental support organizations (dental service management organizations) for various wage and hour violations.

Are you now or were you a dental support employee working for any of the major Dental Service Management Organizations in the nation?

Did you experience any of the following:

  • Not being paid overtime (even if you're a dentist)?
  • Being paid commission rather than an hourly wage?
  • Not being paid for meal breaks or missed rest periods?
  • Not paid for all hours worked (working “off-the-clock”)?
  • Not being paid for business expenses, such as malpractice insurance or mileage to business meetings?
  • Have experienced a breach of contract (even if you're an owner-affiliate)?

If you are a former or current Dental Support Organization employee or have worked with a Dental Services Management Organization and wish to discuss your potential claims, please contact the Law Offices of Michael P. Sousa, APC.